Does the Keto diet work (Here are my results)?

Does the Keto diet work (Here are my results)?

IMPORTANT…  The first thing I should clarify before you read this article is that anyone who is thinking of trying the Keto diet should contact a medical professional for advice before starting the diet. This includes any diet of any kind (including the Keto diet)

A ketogenic diet (keto) is a low carbohydrate diet, which turns the body into a fat burning machine. It has potential benefits for weight loss and performance, but also some initial side effects (Carb withdrawal fever I call it)

You can read more about keto here


Now we have covered that, below is my experience of the KETO diet


Was it worth it?

Yes for the goal of losing weight but for less effort and pain you can get the same results with a well-balanced diet plan which will consist of eating all types of foods!

The main benefit of Keto that I found was is that it is a lot easier to stay on track with your diet plan. I think this is because you’re really limited in what type foods you’re allowed to eat.

Just think of the idea of eating tons and tons off eggs!

My weight results from being on Keto for 25 weeks:

Before starting Keto I weighed roughly 200lbs eating a high carbohydrates and protein diet with a moderate amount of healthy fats (Body fat was around 18%)

  • I was training approximately 5 days a week (weights) and doing moderate cardio.
  • After 25 weeks of doing Keto I lost over 40lbs and hit my goal weight of 160lbs at about 8% body fat. I was still training roughly 5 days a week but my strength had dropped significantly and I was feeling lethargic.

Strength is a big issue when doing Keto. If strength is your thing do not do it because you will lose it for sure.

Normally on all diets you will lose a bit of strength but with Keto it was dramatic.

For example I was bench pressing 100kg for 10 reps prior to Keto.

After Keto I was bench pressing 100kg for only 2 reps!

This is one of the other reasons why I would never do it again.


They type of food I ate on the Keto diet:

Various Meat



Eggs (lots of them)

Low carb vegetables



Greek Yogurt

Cottage cheese


Nuts and seeds

To be completely honest I really enjoyed food on this diet and rarely missed carbohydrates. The only thing I really missed was chocolate and sweets which I decided towards the end to incorporate into a cheat meal twice a week. See below for more on my cheats meals.


Cheat meals:

A lot of people are against this during Keto because it could bring your body out of Ketosis but this didn’t happen to me.

During all the diets which I have previously done I always had at least one cheat meal per week. I personally think it is a good idea to do this because it keeps me sane and I am less likely to have a binge day.

Having said that cheat meals are not essential but for people like me they are definitely worth it in the long run but if you can avoid them you should because it means you will hit you goals sooner.

A cheat meal would be anything that I was craving. I would usually implement it as an extra to my diet plan for that day only.

Remember cheat meals should just be meals and not a full day of cheating.

I see lots of people in the fitness world doing this. They consume one bad meal and then they decide to make it a day full of eating trash.

Doing this will affect your weight loss goals.


With my personal experience of the Keto diet I would not recommend it because there are so many easier ways to lose weight which makes this diet just not worth it.

The Keto diet does work, just be prepared to feel lethargic, weak and non-focused in your day to day activities.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THOUGH before undertaking any diet including the Keto diet is to make sure you consult a medical professional before starting the diet.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask below and let me know your thoughts on the Keto diet.

5 best home exercises for beginners

5 best home exercises for beginners

So you have decided that it is time to lose weight and get in the best shape of your life but you have no idea where to start.

Well the good news is that you can start today with our tips below.


  1.  Body weight Squats

In any workout program a squat is a fundamental exercise.

You can improve your walking, running and even jumping by fully developing your squat so it is really worth your while perfecting this exercise.


When performing this exercise you’re primary working your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.


Remember squatting shouldn’t be alien to us because we normally do it every day when sitting and standing up.


  1. Swimming

Who loves swimming?


It’s easy on impact – Low impact means that swimming is a great exercise for athletes who are injured and need to take it easy on their joints.


Swimming is also a great way to reduce stress. There has been a study published in Pain Research & Management where researchers found that consistent flotation sessions were effective at reducing symptoms in patients who were suffering from conditions related to stress. I guess this must be why we all love just chilling in the bath after a hard day at work!



  1. Press ups

A great exercise to build up your upper body strength. With press ups you’re effectively exercising your shoulders, triceps, and chest.

Some people may find these hard to do to begin with so you might find that you need to keep your knees on the floor to help support you whilst performing the exercise. Once you feel like you’re getting stronger you can then remove them.



  1. Plank

The plank is great way to work the muscles in your core. These muscles are located in your midsection which consists of your abs, lats and pelvic floor muscles.


The plank builds up isometric strength in these muscle groups which helps bring in your waistline and improve your posture.


  1. Star jumps (jumping jacks)

I love doing star jumps because not only are they good for cardio but they are also fun.

Star jumps are a great way to elevate your heart way rate which improves oxygen levels and gives your body a boost in blood circulation.

Because of the movements involved you may also find that your joints improve their flexibility and overtime get stronger.

If you haven’t done them before, make sure you give them a try.

For fitness discounts see:

That’s my top 5 exercises for beginners to do at home. I do plan on adding a few more in the near future so please let me know what you think.

How to start in the gym for the first time

How to start in the gym for the first time –

In this article I will give you tips which should help you when starting out in a gym for the first time.

For most people this can be quite a scary thing! Can you imagine being a scrawny guy and then deciding to step into a gym for the first time full of the biggest and strongest guys in the world!?

Well in reality it is never like this. You will find that 99% of the people in the gym are just like you and me and are not a world class athlete.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started for the very first time:

My number 1 tip I try to tell everyone:

Make sure you enjoy it and have fun. There is no reason to over think it. In my opinion you will get the best result when once you learn to enjoy it.

Remember everyone has to start as the beginner and now its your turn.

Choosing a gym 

Before joining a gym, try and think of what your goals are.

What I find is every gym person has their own different goals so you should choose a gym based on this.

Ask yourself this “What are my fitness goals? ” and then choose a gym depending on this.

See my answers for examples:

Fitness, stamina & cardio are my goals:

So if I wanted to focus purely on the above (cardio) then choosing a gym which focuses more around cardio machines, swimming pool and racket facilities would be what I would go for.

Muscle growth, power lifting & bodybuilding

If my goal was to get stronger so to speak and focus more around the bodybuilding industry then choosing a gym which has a better selection of free weights would be a better choice for me.

These gyms tend to have less cardio equipment and the machines which they do have are normally old and outdated.

If these types of gyms decide to upgrade their cardio equipment they would become the “perfect” gym’s in my opinion.

Mixture of the above:

If both of the above points is your answer which I would guess is the most common in the gym world then I would find a gym which has a good mixture of everything.

Now once you have answered this question you can start shortlisting gyms.

DON’T FORGET TO USE A FREE DAY PASS before signing up. You can find GYM pass deals here at Free Fitness Stuff – We are always posting the latest deals.

A lot of people when first going to a gym do not know how to exercise properly so make sure you follow my tips below to help you get started

Ask the staff which work at the gym

Most gyms will have staff on site. Normally they are helpful and they will know their way around the gym and the equipment so don’t be afraid to ask them.

Ethos fitness club.

Use the internet

Make use of the many fitness tools on the internet to help you come up with a great workout.

Forums – You can find the answers to many fitness related questions from real people.

Blogs – New training ideas, latest healthy food recipes – a good source of information

YouTube – one of the greatest ways to find new exercises and how to perform them correctly.

Food trackers – A great way to track calories and find out about food nutrition.

Personal Trainers

Nearly all gyms have personal trainers. Personal trainers are qualified gym trainers. For a small fee they can set you up on a routine to help you reach your goals.

You can normally find personal trainers who specialize in different things such as: strength, weight loss.

Ask the staff at your gym for information on their personal trainers.

Ask other gym users

Most gym users are friendly and are happy to help if you ask them nicely. You could also watch how they are working out too and potentially take tips for your own routine.

Also you never know you might get a training partner this way (see below)

Find a gym partner

It is always worth trying to find a friend, work colleague or even just someone from your gym if you ask nicely to become a gym partner.

You both can learn, motivate and even push it each other which will make you both workout harder.

I always find that I make the most of my gains when training with friends. It is just more enjoyable then workout solo.


Don’t be afraid to ask other gym members questions. Most if not all will be willing to help you. Make sure you use all available tools to make the journey as easy as possible and lastly enjoy the process.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask below and I will be glad to answer them.

5 top tips to grow your legs

Unfortunately in the fitness world too many people neglect their legs training!

This is one particular aspect in training which in my opinion separates the top athletes to the average gym users.

When you visit your local gym or fitness center you always see people with a well-developed chest, great biceps, shredded abs but how many people do you actually see with fully developed legs? Almost none.

No large quads, fully developed hamstrings or popping out calves.

If the above sounds like you well it’s time to finally add some extra lean muscle to your wheels.

Here are some tips to get you going:

1.      You are too busy training other body parts


Stop training your chest twice a week or your arms every day. Make legs your new priority. Make them the first workout of the week. Literary nearly everyone in my gym trains chest on Monday’s (it’s not called international chest day for nothing) and usually these people save their leg day until the end of the week which by the time that day comes around you can easily find an excuse to skip it.


Make leg day your new priority by making it the first workout of the week. You will be full of energy and you will find it a lot harder to come up with an excuse to skip the session.


2.      You are running too much or doing too much cardio in general

There is a reason why many marathon runners are fairly skinny and this is because running long distances promotes muscle fiber breakdown.

Being a long distance runner there is no reason to have bigger leg muscles, all that it will do for you is slow you down. The less excess muscle you have the faster you will be able to run.

Now there is nothing wrong with cardio but if you want to increase your leg development you will probably want to reduce the amount of cardio you’re doing and maybe look at doing HIT type cardio instead which primarily focuses mainly on “sprint” type of exercises.


3.      Not eating enough calories


My legs will just not grow no matter what I do – I have heard this statement so many times and usually the most common fix to this is to increase your calorie intake (always consult a medical professional first though)

When growing any muscle group it is all about calories in vs calories out. The energy to train a muscle group comes from food. If you’re not eating enough, your body will not grow! Simple!

If you want to add size to legs you must eat more. Make sure you are eating the right amount of protein, lots of carbs and a good balance of healthy fats (more calories in general)

You can use websites such as MyFitnessPal which can help you track what you’re eating.

Also don’t forget to checkout our latest offers and discount codes for healthy food and protein supplements – Free Fitness Stuff

Note: Always consult a medical professional first before altering your diet.


4.      Change up your routine


If you’re eating enough, training your legs regularly every week but you’re still finding your legs will not grow maybe it is time change up your routine.

The body is clever. Over time it can adapt. If you have been following the same routine for a while it’s time to change that up. Instead of doing normal squats, you try front squats or hack squats. Instead of doing low reps, try a slightly higher rep range.

Basically you need to keep the body guessing. Personally I think it is good idea to change it up every other week (might be overkill), but it works for me.


5.      Introduce squatting

For leg growth you cannot beat squats. Period. Leg extensions, lunges, legs curls will never replace squats for leg development because they offer so much more. See below:

Some of the reasons to introduce squats into your fitness program:


  • Squats strengthens your core.
  • Increases your performance
  • Whole body workout
  • Strengthens your joints

Squats are fundamental to a good leg program. There are many variations so you can switch it up every week to keep it interesting and to keep your body guessing.


Training legs is a hard, painful process but the rewards are great. Not only will you be able to perform better you will also stand out from the gym crowd.

Recovering from injury and getting back into fitness!

Happy new year everyone!

Wow what a year 2016 has been for me injury wise.

Everything was going so well in my fitness journey (running faster, getting stronger in the gym) until one day 6 months ago when I when I was playing a 5 a side football match (first time playing in a few years) I tore my achilles tendon … ouch!

All I heard was a loud “pop” and it felt that someone had hit me with a baseball bat in the back of the ankle. Luckily know one was around me at the time.

I knew straight away that I had ruptured it due to my mother having the same problem many years ago with the same symptoms.

Whilst on the ground screaming all I could think of was the very next day I was supposed to attempt a new dead lift PR which obviously wasn’t going to happen now. My doctor actually told me I wouldn’t be able to squat or dead lift until a year has passed! What a nightmare.

Well for the next 6 months all I could do was rest and repair. After a few months of not doing a lot I actually started to think that this was a blessing in disguise because I felt so much better within my self. I think I had been over training so now my body is getting the rest it needs. Before the injury I couldn’t sleep properly and kept getting other injuries mostly shoulder and chest strains. Maybe this is why my achilles tendon snapped?

After a long 6 months of recovering making sure that I have followed all the physios’ advice I have finally been signed off  and I am now slowly get back into all types of sports: squats, dead lifting, running, tennis! Yay!

So my fitness journey continues but obviously a long way to go.

My fitness goals are currently to get back to where I was:

Bench press: goal: 160kg – current: 147kg

Deadlifting: goal: 250kg – current 80kg

Squat: goal 200kg (reps) – current: 0

Running: goal 10k – 5 mins slow pace on the treadmill

Football: too soon, need to improve on my running first.

Tennis: too soon, need to improve on my running first.

I will update this blog with my up to date stats and how I am getting on with my recovery.

Oh and if anyone else suffers from this awful injury it does get better, just very slowly.

Also check out this blog for advice. I found it very useful to see if I was on the right path to recovery.

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