Does the Keto diet work (Here are my results)?

Does the Keto diet work (Here are my results)?

IMPORTANT…  The first thing I should clarify before you read this article is that anyone who is thinking of trying the Keto diet should contact a medical professional for advice before starting the diet. This includes any diet of any kind (including the Keto diet)

A ketogenic diet (keto) is a low carbohydrate diet, which turns the body into a fat burning machine. It has potential benefits for weight loss and performance, but also some initial side effects (Carb withdrawal fever I call it)

You can read more about keto here


Now we have covered that, below is my experience of the KETO diet


Was it worth it?

Yes for the goal of losing weight but for less effort and pain you can get the same results with a well-balanced diet plan which will consist of eating all types of foods!

The main benefit of Keto that I found was is that it is a lot easier to stay on track with your diet plan. I think this is because you’re really limited in what type foods you’re allowed to eat.

Just think of the idea of eating tons and tons off eggs!

My weight results from being on Keto for 25 weeks:

Before starting Keto I weighed roughly 200lbs eating a high carbohydrates and protein diet with a moderate amount of healthy fats (Body fat was around 18%)

  • I was training approximately 5 days a week (weights) and doing moderate cardio.
  • After 25 weeks of doing Keto I lost over 40lbs and hit my goal weight of 160lbs at about 8% body fat. I was still training roughly 5 days a week but my strength had dropped significantly and I was feeling lethargic.

Strength is a big issue when doing Keto. If strength is your thing do not do it because you will lose it for sure.

Normally on all diets you will lose a bit of strength but with Keto it was dramatic.

For example I was bench pressing 100kg for 10 reps prior to Keto.

After Keto I was bench pressing 100kg for only 2 reps!

This is one of the other reasons why I would never do it again.


They type of food I ate on the Keto diet:

Various Meat



Eggs (lots of them)

Low carb vegetables



Greek Yogurt

Cottage cheese


Nuts and seeds

To be completely honest I really enjoyed food on this diet and rarely missed carbohydrates. The only thing I really missed was chocolate and sweets which I decided towards the end to incorporate into a cheat meal twice a week. See below for more on my cheats meals.


Cheat meals:

A lot of people are against this during Keto because it could bring your body out of Ketosis but this didn’t happen to me.

During all the diets which I have previously done I always had at least one cheat meal per week. I personally think it is a good idea to do this because it keeps me sane and I am less likely to have a binge day.

Having said that cheat meals are not essential but for people like me they are definitely worth it in the long run but if you can avoid them you should because it means you will hit you goals sooner.

A cheat meal would be anything that I was craving. I would usually implement it as an extra to my diet plan for that day only.

Remember cheat meals should just be meals and not a full day of cheating.

I see lots of people in the fitness world doing this. They consume one bad meal and then they decide to make it a day full of eating trash.

Doing this will affect your weight loss goals.


With my personal experience of the Keto diet I would not recommend it because there are so many easier ways to lose weight which makes this diet just not worth it.

The Keto diet does work, just be prepared to feel lethargic, weak and non-focused in your day to day activities.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THOUGH before undertaking any diet including the Keto diet is to make sure you consult a medical professional before starting the diet.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask below and let me know your thoughts on the Keto diet.