5 top tips to grow your legs

Unfortunately in the fitness world too many people neglect their legs training!

This is one particular aspect in training which in my opinion separates the top athletes to the average gym users.

When you visit your local gym or fitness center you always see people with a well-developed chest, great biceps, shredded abs but how many people do you actually see with fully developed legs? Almost none.

No large quads, fully developed hamstrings or popping out calves.

If the above sounds like you well it’s time to finally add some extra lean muscle to your wheels.

Here are some tips to get you going:

1.      You are too busy training other body parts


Stop training your chest twice a week or your arms every day. Make legs your new priority. Make them the first workout of the week. Literary nearly everyone in my gym trains chest on Monday’s (it’s not called international chest day for nothing) and usually these people save their leg day until the end of the week which by the time that day comes around you can easily find an excuse to skip it.


Make leg day your new priority by making it the first workout of the week. You will be full of energy and you will find it a lot harder to come up with an excuse to skip the session.


2.      You are running too much or doing too much cardio in general

There is a reason why many marathon runners are fairly skinny and this is because running long distances promotes muscle fiber breakdown.

Being a long distance runner there is no reason to have bigger leg muscles, all that it will do for you is slow you down. The less excess muscle you have the faster you will be able to run.

Now there is nothing wrong with cardio but if you want to increase your leg development you will probably want to reduce the amount of cardio you’re doing and maybe look at doing HIT type cardio instead which primarily focuses mainly on “sprint” type of exercises.


3.      Not eating enough calories


My legs will just not grow no matter what I do – I have heard this statement so many times and usually the most common fix to this is to increase your calorie intake (always consult a medical professional first though)

When growing any muscle group it is all about calories in vs calories out. The energy to train a muscle group comes from food. If you’re not eating enough, your body will not grow! Simple!

If you want to add size to legs you must eat more. Make sure you are eating the right amount of protein, lots of carbs and a good balance of healthy fats (more calories in general)

You can use websites such as MyFitnessPal which can help you track what you’re eating.

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Note: Always consult a medical professional first before altering your diet.


4.      Change up your routine


If you’re eating enough, training your legs regularly every week but you’re still finding your legs will not grow maybe it is time change up your routine.

The body is clever. Over time it can adapt. If you have been following the same routine for a while it’s time to change that up. Instead of doing normal squats, you try front squats or hack squats. Instead of doing low reps, try a slightly higher rep range.

Basically you need to keep the body guessing. Personally I think it is good idea to change it up every other week (might be overkill), but it works for me.


5.      Introduce squatting

For leg growth you cannot beat squats. Period. Leg extensions, lunges, legs curls will never replace squats for leg development because they offer so much more. See below:

Some of the reasons to introduce squats into your fitness program:


  • Squats strengthens your core.
  • Increases your performance
  • Whole body workout
  • Strengthens your joints

Squats are fundamental to a good leg program. There are many variations so you can switch it up every week to keep it interesting and to keep your body guessing.


Training legs is a hard, painful process but the rewards are great. Not only will you be able to perform better you will also stand out from the gym crowd.