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Every Fitness enthusiast is always looking for the latest deal whether it be a discount, voucher code or even a free sample. Who doesn’t want to save money!?

Even people who are thinking about joining a new gym or are about to start their fitness journey are looking to save money. In short, no matter who you are everyone wants a discount or freebie.

The process goes something like this:

  1. It’s New Year’s Day and you feel motivated to go to the gym. New Year, new you after all.
  2. You decide you want to buy some new gym gear or maybe you even want to try the latest protein brand.
  3. You visit search engines such as Google and you do multiple searches for related coupons and discount vouchers for your favorite fitness brand.
  4. Eventually you find one or just give up.

Well, now at Free Fitness Stuff this process is about to change. Our goal is to create a central social website for all fitness enthusiasts. This includes guys or girls whether you are into football, basketball, rugby, netball, gym, CrossFit, dieting or even if you are just looking for fitness things to do at home. Our website will provide you with all the latest deals, offers and free samples. All of which will help you continue on your fitness journey.

How to get the latest fitness deals from Free Fitness Stuff? All you have to do is follow the link below.

Free Fitness Offers

Free fitness stuff latest deals

You can find any fitness related deal on our website, which can range from free nutritional diet plans, free magazine membership, free health and fitness gym passes, you name it we have it. We have deals from all over the world whether you are based in the UK, Europe, Canada or America so no matter where you are on the planet you cannot miss out!

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The types of deals Free Fitness Stuff have:


·         Free fitness samples


Our free samples are normally provided by various fitness (clothing, nutrition, gyms) companies from all over the world, normally as a promotion or part of a deal. Most of these companies are aiming to attract potential customers to hopefully purchase their products in the future. We source these deals for you so you don’t miss out!

We feature products from brands such as: MyProtein, USN, Maxi Nutrition, American Home Fitness, Gym Shark and loads more.

We find these free sample offers and store them on our website Free Fitness Stuff so you can easily find them.

All you have to do is follow our “GET DEAL” button and fill in your details on the freebie sample product order form and click ‘submit’ and just wait for it to be delivered to you via post or even email in some cases.

It’s just so easy!

·         Fitness Discount codes (vouchers, coupon codes)

Everyone loves discounts

We also list a ton of discount code offers – which I personally love. There is nothing better than getting your favorite fitness products for the cheapest possible price.

Is it time for that new stringer vest or fitness tracksuit? Or maybe your lifting straps have completely worn out?

Well no need to worry about missing out on future discounts anymore with Free Fitness Stuff.

We normally post voucher codes for various types of fitness related products such as:

  • Clothing
  • Nutrition products
  • Gym membership
  • Magazine membership
  • Weight loss group membership discounts
  • Fitness equipment from American home fitness
  • Free nutritional stuff
  • Free diet stuff
  • Sports equipment

Companies who normally post discount codes are: My Protein, USN, Herculean Gym Wear, Grenade, Gym Shark, Pure Gym and more.

Here are some of our discount offers

Free Fitness Gifts:

Free Fitness Gifts

Sounds like a free sample right? Well not quite, sometimes you may find a fitness company sending out free gifts just because it’s Christmas.

Who doesn’t love a free gift? Whether you’re male or female we always have the latest available free fitness gifts available on our website. So make sure you check back every day for the latest offers.

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Free Food Offers:

Healthy food is probably one of the most important parts of leading you in the right direction to fitter healthier lifestyle. I mean who doesn’t like healthy stuffed peppers, fresh vegetables, lean cooked steak.

When taking part in physical activities I try to think of food as our fuel. At the end of the day food is what gives us the ability to perform.

Luckily, for us in the fitness world, there are many brands which specialize in healthy food options such as Muscle Food, Weight watchers, Slimming World.

So as you would expect we make sure that we list all of the latest free fitness food offers from these companies on our website.

free fitness chicken salad

Here is some of our latest free food offers:



Free subscriptions to fitness services (such as magazines):


Who doesn’t love a free month’s pass to Weight Watchers magazine?

Currently we have a new deal from Weight Watchers for a free 1 month subscription, we regularly have these deals so make sure you check back frequently.

Here are some of our latest free magazine offers:

weight watchers deal at free fitness stuff

How about if you are just ready to start your new fitness journey?

We will make sure you don’t miss out on the latest free gym passes. Every little helps right?

Gyms regularly have free day passes so Free Fitness Stuff makes sure that we source the latest deals available. Free Fitness Stuff lists one day passes, three day passes or even sometimes a full month.

Free Fitness Stuff is always posting free gym passes from companies such as JD Gym, Pure Gym, and Virgin Active.

Just make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and check back at our website regularly so you do not miss out of these offers.


Home Workouts


What happens if you don’t want to attend a gym and you just want to work out at home? Well Free Fitness Stuff have that covered too…

Home fitness workouts especially in America and the UK are on the rise. This is mostly down to the internet, it is just so easy nowadays even more so then going to a gym.

  • All you have to do is turn on your laptop.
  • Find your favorite workout video (ours is Insanity or PX90).
  • And off you go.
  • 30 days later you have lost 2 stone, it’s that easy.

To access these services you normally need to pay a membership subscription fee but obviously at Free Fitness Stuff “it’s what we do after all” we will find you an offer to have that cost or monthly fee reduced.

All you have to do is visit our latest deals section and find the latest offer from your favorite home workout company.

Fitness Competitions

Everybody loves to win something!

Well make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you cannot miss out on the latest fitness competitions.

You can win:

  • Membership to various fitness subscriptions
  • Free fitness clothes such as Gym Shark products
  • A year’s supply of Protein!

We list all of these competitions on our fitness competitions page.

Due to Free Fitness Stuff admins being fitness freaks we would also like to help you guys reach your fitness goals by offering our latest free training tips, health articles, free diet plans basically whatever it takes to help you reach your goals.

The sort of tips we will be aiming to post:

Free training tips and tricks we have learnt in the gym over the years

Free Fitness Diet tips

  • How to grow your glutes? Everyone wants a bigger butt these days after all.
  • Free nutrition plan for building lean muscle.
  • How to improve your 10k run time and run a faster half marathon.
  • How to find the best gym to suit your needs. Maybe you are more into lifting weights or do you prefer cardio? Or even both?


We aim to cover these fitness topics and more, so make sure you subscribe to our blog and newsletter to keep updated with our latest free tips.

If there is something new which we think you would like then we will let you know by mail.


What’s the fastest ways to lose weight? Or in some cases nowadays, how to put on 20lbs (1.4 stone) of lean muscle mass?


Everybody wants to lose weight as fast as they can or you may even find someone who wants to be a future bodybuilder whose main aim is to grow as fast as they can, lean muscle mass of course.

Well here at Free Fitness Stuff we have been through it all ( we are not just geeky website admins here) so keep looking at our blog section to stay up to date on our latest free fitness diet tips.

Ultimate guides to supplements:

Fitness Supplements

Want supplements? Well these days there are so many to choose from.

You have creatine monohydrate, Protein (whey, isolate, hydrolyzed), l-glutamine and so many more.

What do they all do?

Free Fitness Stuff will be providing advice on what all the supplements do and how they can help you along your fitness journey.

What some supplements can do for you:

  • Improve your core strength.
  • Increase your stamina for marathons.
  • Increase your recovery rate.

Also along with that we will of course be posting the best supplement deals on the market and lots of free samples.

So follow our social media accounts and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our latest free fitness supplement deals

Sports – Football, Rugby, Netball, etc. tips and tricks….


If you’re into your sports then make sure keep up to date with our latest Free Fitness Sports deals, we have loads – For example we have had in the past reduced football ticket deals, free £5 vouchers for your favorite sport shops such as Sports Direct, offers on your football team kit.

Do not pay more than you have too.

Where can you normally get free samples in the fitness world?

fitness expos

Fitness Expos.

It’s probably that time of year again and another fitness Expo is coming up?

We honestly love that time of the year. It’s the time when everyone gets motivated and fired up. All the local gyms suddenly get an influx of people and everyone gets in the best shape of their life.

The other reason to attend these fitness expos is to get as many free samples as possible which can usually range from anything such as: T-shirts, healthy cookies, protein brownies, Memberships to gyms. Literally anything fitness related. It is a great time of the year for both customers and companies.

At Free Fitness Stuff our aim is to provide you with the same deals and freebies and have them delivered straight to your door all year round, all from your home. Who doesn’t want free protein delivered to them all year round and when the next fitness expo comes they will be in even better shape 😉

Who’s heard of Body Power Expo in Birmingham, UK? – This is Free Fitness Stuff local expo and it is awesome. We would highly recommend it.

A takeaway from this is:

  • No need to wait all year to get your free samples, you can now visit our website for the same deals or year round.
  • You can literally get anything fitness related for free from Fitness Expos.
  • If you are based in the UK, make sure you visit Body Power located by the NEC in Birmingham.


Our thoughts on the fitness industry:


You have so much choice! There really couldn’t be a better time to start

I mean where do you even start?

There are:

  1. Protein shakes (about a million choices there)
  2. Protein coffees!
  3. Thousands of different supplements
  4. A million different clothing brands
  5. Fitness Expos in every part of the world
  6. And then there are the Protein Mars bars

There has never been a better time or EASIER time to get into fitness guys but make sure you enjoy the process.

Free Fitness Stuff will always aim to be the biggest Fitness Savings website so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with the latest fitness deals.