Recovering from injury and getting back into fitness!

Happy new year everyone!

Wow what a year 2016 has been for me injury wise.

Everything was going so well in my fitness journey (running faster, getting stronger in the gym) until one day 6 months ago when I when I was playing a 5 a side football match (first time playing in a few years) I tore my achilles tendon … ouch!

All I heard was a loud “pop” and it felt that someone had hit me with a baseball bat in the back of the ankle. Luckily know one was around me at the time.

I knew straight away that I had ruptured it due to my mother having the same problem many years ago with the same symptoms.

Whilst on the ground screaming all I could think of was the very next day I was supposed to attempt a new dead lift PR which obviously wasn’t going to happen now. My doctor actually told me I wouldn’t be able to squat or dead lift until a year has passed! What a nightmare.

Well for the next 6 months all I could do was rest and repair. After a few months of not doing a lot I actually started to think that this was a blessing in disguise because I felt so much better within my self. I think I had been over training so now my body is getting the rest it needs. Before the injury I couldn’t sleep properly and kept getting other injuries mostly shoulder and chest strains. Maybe this is why my achilles tendon snapped?

After a long 6 months of recovering making sure that I have followed all the physios’ advice I have finally been signed off  and I am now slowly get back into all types of sports: squats, dead lifting, running, tennis! Yay!

So my fitness journey continues but obviously a long way to go.

My fitness goals are currently to get back to where I was:

Bench press: goal: 160kg – current: 147kg

Deadlifting: goal: 250kg – current 80kg

Squat: goal 200kg (reps) – current: 0

Running: goal 10k – 5 mins slow pace on the treadmill

Football: too soon, need to improve on my running first.

Tennis: too soon, need to improve on my running first.

I will update this blog with my up to date stats and how I am getting on with my recovery.

Oh and if anyone else suffers from this awful injury it does get better, just very slowly.

Also check out this blog for advice. I found it very useful to see if I was on the right path to recovery.

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