How to start in the gym for the first time

How to start in the gym for the first time –

In this article I will give you tips which should help you when starting out in a gym for the first time.

For most people this can be quite a scary thing! Can you imagine being a scrawny guy and then deciding to step into a gym for the first time full of the biggest and strongest guys in the world!?

Well in reality it is never like this. You will find that 99% of the people in the gym are just like you and me and are not a world class athlete.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started for the very first time:

My number 1 tip I try to tell everyone:

Make sure you enjoy it and have fun. There is no reason to over think it. In my opinion you will get the best result when once you learn to enjoy it.

Remember everyone has to start as the beginner and now its your turn.

Choosing a gym 

Before joining a gym, try and think of what your goals are.

What I find is every gym person has their own different goals so you should choose a gym based on this.

Ask yourself this “What are my fitness goals? ” and then choose a gym depending on this.

See my answers for examples:

Fitness, stamina & cardio are my goals:

So if I wanted to focus purely on the above (cardio) then choosing a gym which focuses more around cardio machines, swimming pool and racket facilities would be what I would go for.

Muscle growth, power lifting & bodybuilding

If my goal was to get stronger so to speak and focus more around the bodybuilding industry then choosing a gym which has a better selection of free weights would be a better choice for me.

These gyms tend to have less cardio equipment and the machines which they do have are normally old and outdated.

If these types of gyms decide to upgrade their cardio equipment they would become the “perfect” gym’s in my opinion.

Mixture of the above:

If both of the above points is your answer which I would guess is the most common in the gym world then I would find a gym which has a good mixture of everything.

Now once you have answered this question you can start shortlisting gyms.

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A lot of people when first going to a gym do not know how to exercise properly so make sure you follow my tips below to help you get started

Ask the staff which work at the gym

Most gyms will have staff on site. Normally they are helpful and they will know their way around the gym and the equipment so don’t be afraid to ask them.

Ethos fitness club.

Use the internet

Make use of the many fitness tools on the internet to help you come up with a great workout.

Forums – You can find the answers to many fitness related questions from real people.

Blogs – New training ideas, latest healthy food recipes – a good source of information

YouTube – one of the greatest ways to find new exercises and how to perform them correctly.

Food trackers – A great way to track calories and find out about food nutrition.

Personal Trainers

Nearly all gyms have personal trainers. Personal trainers are qualified gym trainers. For a small fee they can set you up on a routine to help you reach your goals.

You can normally find personal trainers who specialize in different things such as: strength, weight loss.

Ask the staff at your gym for information on their personal trainers.

Ask other gym users

Most gym users are friendly and are happy to help if you ask them nicely. You could also watch how they are working out too and potentially take tips for your own routine.

Also you never know you might get a training partner this way (see below)

Find a gym partner

It is always worth trying to find a friend, work colleague or even just someone from your gym if you ask nicely to become a gym partner.

You both can learn, motivate and even push it each other which will make you both workout harder.

I always find that I make the most of my gains when training with friends. It is just more enjoyable then workout solo.


Don’t be afraid to ask other gym members questions. Most if not all will be willing to help you. Make sure you use all available tools to make the journey as easy as possible and lastly enjoy the process.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask below and I will be glad to answer them.